5 Reasons to Cherish Cooking

Everyone has their own favorite food memories from when they were younger. Maybe it was Taco Tuesdays or your mother's 'famous' Spaghetti and Meatballs. At Cherished Fare, we take those favorite foods that you loved growing up, and show you how to modernize them.

5 Reasons to Cherish Cooking.

Open up your creativity.

There is so much science behind what being creative can do for your mind, body and spirit. Being creative in outlets such as painting, knitting or dancing; all, will bring you joy.  Developing a unique thought and bringing it to life is extremely satisfying. Immerse yourself in flavor combinations until you have created something that brings you joy.

Feeding your friends and family.

Creating something special for your friends and family is one of the best ways to express how much you care for them.  Think of your favorite food memories from the past and how that made you feel.  Now, think of how good it will feel to give someone else these memories. People remember tastes, its's now your turn to create a good one they will associate with your memories.

You will understand quality.

When you are testing and tasting different ingredients, over time, you will truly understand the difference a quality product can bring to a meal.  You will find yourself ditching chain restaurants that mass produce food, instead optioning for places that focus more on putting a quality product in front of you.  You will walk through a store, understanding what is a good cut of meat or a fresh apple.  In turn, you will spend your food dollars much more wisely.


Numerous (not all, but many) takeout and fast food places serve you food loaded with fat, sugar and additives. They pump their products in order to hide the low quality of ingredients. They have to buy cheaper ingredients to make money. It's simple business. When you create your own dishes, you know everything that goes into it. Nothing is hidden. You can feed your family (and yourself) the most nutritious and fueling meal, knowing that it is 100% honest.

Building confidence.

My favorite thing to tell myself is "why not me".  Why can't I run that mile or play the piano...well,  if I work at it enough, I can.  Cooking can give you that confidence.  Invite friends over and tell them to bring nothing (well, maybe wine). Start from scratch, put together a thoughtful menu, and practice the dishes ahead of time. Eventually, making things you would never dream of because they might seem too complex. Do it and do it can!! This is a simple way to practice building confidence.

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