About Bradie

Hi Guys!! My name is Bradie Paul. Thanks for checking out my page, Cherished Fare. I simply love love love to cook. I find so much joy in feeding my friends and family. I am married with 2 sons and live in Weston, CT. Food is not my full-time job (software sales), but ya know, one day it will be! Picture little old lady walking the beach selling sandwiches.

There is just something exciting about opening the fridge and seeing what I have to create something new for the people I love. OH GOSH yeah, I heard it…cheesy, but its true so I am sticking with it.

I love everything about food. Cookbooks are like romance novels to me. While I do love reading recipes, I rarely cook from them. I do however take ideas from them. I just love to see what other people are creating. I like to draw from my past experience with food and recreate dished based on whats new and exciting.

So far, I have been having the best time creating these dishes, taking the pictures and writing up why I made the dish. I am working on including my friends and family in this project and my goal is for you to read about allllllll types of Cherished Fare.

Thanks so much!

Bradie Paul